Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Preferred requirements of equine to be rehomed

Please use the next section to give details of what you expect from the horse, e.g. Light hacking, Daily hacking.
Competition (please detail all proposed activities, ie jumping, eventing, etc.)

Details of your experience

What facilities you will provide, please give details of stabling available, grazing etc, acreage available? How many other horses are on this land; Please give details of fencing.

If the property is a livery, please give details:

Will you be the primary carer for the horse? If no details of primary carer.

Please give details of your worming programme

Please give name, address and telephone number of your vet, farrier and any other professional that you use that would also stand as referees.



Please note a horse rehomed for companion only must not be ridden at any time.
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