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Bell Hopp

15.3 Bay Gelding - Ran 52 times - wins 2 | Connaught - Haybells | Trainer G. Ham

Sam was the first ex-racehorse that Tessa owned an deserves his place in the Histories. As without Sam the charity would never have begun.

Sam was 11 years old and had suffered a tendon injury which ended his racing career. Tessa had a choice of two horses that Gerald had, one a 7 year old and Sam at 11.Thinking that the 7 year old would find a home a little easier Tessa chose Sam to give a home to.Now Sam was by no means a easy lad, he was only to be a pleasure hack due to Tessa having small children at the time.

Hacking alone was OK untill he spotted another horse on the road and then despite the direction they were heading he would insist on joining them. Many a time they had to be escorted back to the yard by understanding riders.Eventually he got the idea that he could go it alone and even managed the odd pleasure ride. Later on in his life he suffered from Navicular and so was retired, he died at the age of 19.

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