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Maundy Money

16.1  | Bay gelding | Ran 91 Times | Wins 10 | Trainer David Marnane

King's Best | Royal Gift



Maundy made quite a name for himself in Ireland and was a favorite in the racing yard where he remained after his last race.  

Despite not having hacked on roads due to the yards location, he has taken well to this new experience, as yet not phased by anything he has encountered.


Kind friendly horse and easy to be around. 

Would make a possible RoR show prospect or riding club horse for an experienced rider.



MAUNDY has been rehomed

Happy to report that Maundy has been rehomed to the previous loaner of Maceo who passed away.  Also another family member fell for Mikey - Munsef so they are happyily rehomed with eachother. 

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