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Cozy Tiger

16.2 H - Hold That Tiger - Cozelia

 Runs 26 - Wins 3 -Trainer Willie Musson


Cozy Tiger or as we called him, Alan. Came over from the USA as a 3 year old, and within a short time the trainer noticed something was wrong with him.  

A blood sample revealed a rare condition, commonly only found in the USA called EPM EQUINE PROTOZOAL MYELOENCEPHALITIS. EPM is caused by the parasite Sarcocystis  Neurona. Horses commonly contract EPM from grazing in areas where animals like Raccoons, Armadillo’s and Skunks have defecated (thank goodness we don’t have them in the UK). 

Horses cannot pass the disease among themselves, that is, one horse cannot contract the disease from another.

The signs are difficult to distinguish from other problem, such as lameness which can be attributed to many different causes. EPM is treatable with antiprotozoal drugs but irreversible, damage to the nervous system is possible.  

In Short Cozy Tiger suffered from muscle wastage on his nearside hind quarter but continued to race and win 3 times. Now because of his rather WONKY BUM it was always going to be difficult for the owner or trainer to find him a home.

Sending him to us would safe guard the future for this lovely unique boy. So despite Alan having a unusual looking rear end he was a Christian to ride, alone or in company on roads or in the wide open countryside. 

It was not long before he was whisked away to be a loving family member as a happy hack.


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