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Wing Collar

16.2. Bay Gelding - Ran 32 times - Wins 4 | In The Wings - Riyoom | Trainer Tim Easterby


Silly Sid, a very traumatised, beautiful boy who had no self confidence at all. Apparently had always been a little difficult to train although did manage to win.On arrival it was apparent that every thing and every one was out to get him. If you sneezed in the stable with him he nearly collapsed. So we decided to give him a little time to get used to his surroundings and build up a rapor with his paddock companions, Gary (Nayef Star) Bruce (Brewster). He had very little trust in the male volunteers but at no time did he ever give the impression that there was any malice in him.

Within a couple of months his confidence had grown a little and he was happy to be brought into the yard WingCollarr1with out nearly collapsing in fear of everything. He became extremely loving and would be the first to come to the paddock gate to greet you, so it was time to get him into work.

The first ride on Sid was a bit of a shock to say the least, as soon as Tessa got in the saddle he spun and shot backwards out of the yard with 3 others following. Now this was not how he won races, although he could certainly go backwards very quickly. Eventually he went forwards but was extremely nervous and for over half the ride was on edge, anything could set him off into a spin. It became apparent that he really did not wish to leave the yard as backwards was the only way for every ride. Although Tessa did manage 2 solo rides on him, at the expense of her nerves. It was not only dangerous for him and the rider but for everything and everyone in his path.




With the certainty of him never to be re homed as a riding horse the consideration to put him to sleep was on the cards. But being such a kind and loving personality that decision was extremely hard to see through. So remembering having met an inspirational couple, Roger and Joanna Day we gave them a call, and they kindly came out to assess Sid and gave us valuable advise on how we could help him, www.fearlesshorse.co.uk. This session with them gave some glimmer of hope that we could help him but it would take another 6 months before we would attempt to ride him again.

Working on the ground de-sensitising Sid was a learning curve. Asking him to leave the yard was a problem even just going for an in hand walk to pick cow parsley for his mates, but every day a few yards further and further until half a mile walking with Tessa became a daily experience which he learned to cope with. Standing on blue tarpaulin in the school was never a problem so it was time to get back under saddle.

So as not to remind him of the trauma of backing out of the yard, walking him to the main gate and mounting from the fence seamed to do the trick and he started in a forward position but he was still waiting for that fire breathing dragon to jump out at him with every step. But we had reduced the amount of horses that had to accompany him on every ride from 5 down to 2. And his first canter upsides with Brewster was the easiest and best ride Tess had ever experienced.



But he would still not be suitable to re-home as a riding horse, we feared that in a new home he would take a backward step and revert to the nervous un-trusting chap that he was when he arrived.

Tessa was the only one to ride Sid as having different riders would have lost the trust that they had built with each other, he was not the sort of horse that taking an aggressive stance with would get what the rider wanted, more like the opposite.

So remembering that a loanee of one of our other horses Carrick Troop had the room and more than enough love to give to a companion, we convinced her that Sid would be a lovely addition to her rescue family of horses and dogs.

Katie has ridden Sid but agrees that he is happier to be loved and pampered, but does ride him in the field with his mates grazing happily around him.

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