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Talk Talk

15.3 Bay Gelding - Ran 3 times- wins 0 | Oratorio - Sybella - In The Wings | Trainer - B Meehan


One O'clock in the morning TalkTalk2a text message came through from a volunteer having a sleepless night alerting us to this little 4 year old nicknamed tea bag, advertised on the internet for £300. Having had an injury and a 50 -50 chance of recovery, at that price he could end up in the wrong hands.

We must point out we do not buy horses. So a phone call to the advertiser explaining how we could help resulted in us collecting him 2 days later. He looked so tiny so we called him Tim.

Tim is an absolute sweetie and has not got a bad bone in his body, he loves to be with humans and just lacks spacial awareness sometimes as he would literally sit on your lap if he could.

He had not been turned out for some time so we had to be careful how we did this as the ground was solid at the time of his arrival. So taking him for a hack being led from another horse was the best way. Well, clearly he had never done this before and was a little playful, a few bucks and the occasional rear made for an interesting ride. But within a few days he got the hang of it.

We gave him a few days of freedom in the school and then turned him out with a companion. After a few weeks we rode him out and he was a little star although it seamed like you were sitting on a fence compared to the rest of the horses.


Being one so young he is a little mischievous and can get himself into trouble, as he obviously did with his field companion one day and suffered a kick to the shoulder. We feared the worse for him as he was clearly in pain and struggled to get to the yard. Urgent visit from the vet gave us hope that it was not as severe as it seamed and forcing him to take a turn around the school every hour saw an improvement by the end of the day. Thankfully despite having a leg that resembled an elephants for a few days he made a full recovery. A few weeks later out in the paddock enjoying the good weather he rolled in stinging nettles. Like Nayef Star we will have to keep a close eye on this youngster. 


He is now having a few months off to grow, learn and mature and we look forward to getting him back into work at the end of the summer.

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