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Suprise Encounter

Royal Hunt Cup Royal Ascot WINNER

16.2. Chestnut Gelding - Ran 30 times - Wins 6 | Cadeaux Genereux - Scandalette | Trainer E A L Dunlop


Surprise Encounter winner of 6 Races including the Royal Hunt Cup 2001, ridden by Frankie Detorri.

When Suprise arrived he came with his lad Steve armed with extra strongs, polos and Ginger Biscuits, yes he was addicted to them. Steve cared for Suprise for some years and clearly had a very soft spot for him.

Prize was a little awkward to re-school, he could be one stubborn personality and when he decided things were going to be his way or no way, you certainly know about it. Quite often we had to resort to bluff tactics to get what we wanted.

Despite all his efforts to control the situation, he showed himself to be a true gentleman on his first outing to the local show with Impy as nanny, and also excelled himself on a 12 mile pleasure ride with Sky and Space. He was the nicest horse to do on the ground very loving and a child could bring him in from the paddock.

He had a few homes and each time he got the better of the rider and so he came back to us, quite often with a smug smile on his face as if to say "I'm Home"


Sadly darling Prizie suffered a serious bout of colic in his last home and we lost him forever.

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