Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Supreme Glory

Welsh National WINNER - 2nd Grand National

16.2 Bay Gelding - Ran 25 times - Wins 4 | Supreme Leader - Pentlows | Trainer Pat Murphy


Well how proud are we to have this charming chap as a permanent resident and PR agent.

A big old fashioned chaser who is just a real gent and lovely ride. He amazed us when we took him to the Brooke Charity show that we attend every year in Tiverton. He even did the fun Handy Pony class and amazed the crowd by standing on a rug.

Then a trip to Buckham Fair run by TV's favorite actor Martin Clunes and his lovely wife Phillipa.

Entering the fair from the wrong direction, we ended up actually weaving our way through the fair ground crowded with around 2 thousand visitors, all of which he didn't take any notice of.

Unexpectedly we were asked to parade in the main arena with Supreme G and Wild Sky and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Clunes for a photo opportunity.



Lambourn open day was another opportunity for him to do us proud and he certainly did, although we think he would seriously liked to have had a blast up the hill to show that he may be a little older but would still give Monsignor a run for his money.

Pat Murphy was also very pleased to see him and brought a small crowd to the box to say hello.

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