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Musical Fantasy

15.3 Bay Mare - Ran 5 times - Wins 1 | Gallic League - Trubbach | Trainer W G M Turner


Who say's chestnut mares are the worst. This little bay mare was a real trial to get to grips with rear, buck, spin all in a split second. 'Said to be Cold backed' a term widely used for, Don't Know What's Wrong. Well we found out what was wrong it transpired that she had reared up and sat down in the starting stalls and damaged her Sacroiliac Joint.

So Physio over a period of 6 weeks followed by 6 months rest.

On return to work there was no sign of 'cold back' which was great but she really did have a problem hacking out solo and would stand bolt upright when she thought she had gone far enough. Although the bucking has ceased the spin was still there. Hacking out in company and schooling was not a problem and as a youngster we were in no rush to find her a home.

Eventually that home happened and she went on to do riding club.


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