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15.2 Chestnut Gelding Ran 35 times | wins 8 Total Prize money 350,000 | RESCUE


      Mojo had retired from racing at the age of 7 and ended up in the hands of the inexperienced. Left to fend for himself without proper feeding or shelter for 6 years. The fact that he had a good start in life helped him survive. Others in the care of the same people were not so lucky, youngsters who did not have the strength to fight for their life, losing the fight after their rescue. 

Mojo was in dire need of TLC of the most deserving kind. Suffering from malnutrition, mud fever, rain scaled, lice, worms you name it he had it. His vaccinations, foot and dental care had also been ignored for a considerable time.


Within days we realized that the personality and temperament of Mojo was impeccable. Having to be bathed and creamed for up to 3 hours at a time, standing, quietly munching hay, happy to let us deal with his multiple bleeding sores and scabs.

A head collar had clearly been left on for a considerable time as deep scaring was visible over his poll and jaw line.  Despite all his discomfort he never once showed any disagreement to his treatment.

Three weeks on, and a complete clip was in order as his skin and coat was all but dead and peeling off in lumps.
Under all that matted unkempt coat, there emerged a very handsome horse.



Within 3 months he looked like a completely different animal, things that had not changed were his impeccable manners and beautiful personality. He returned to ridden work with the absolute minimum effort on our part, two days of walking him out in hand fully tacked was all we needed to do. Not once did he give us any cause for concern, hacking solo, in traffic, in company nothing bothered him, in fact he enjoyed being ridden and would adapt to his rider's ability, whether they were a complete novice or experienced rider. A true Gent.


6 months on and not a trace of a scab or scar,
a couple of shows under his belt he was ready to find a loving home.

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