Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Midnight Spur

16.3 Bay Gelding - Ran twice - Wins 1 | Flying Spur - Faramisa | Trainer B Powell

Spur came to us with a few problems regarding being girthed up. Originally reported to be cold backed, which between ourselves and our Physio was not the case, clearly he was harbouring memories of a pain related incident regarding his rib cage.  His antics when girthed up in the normal fashion was not for the faint hearted, although when this subsided he was a very kind horse to ride.

Scaring on his rib cage gave an indication of a past trauma so girthing very loosely and walking in hand gave him time to adjust. Also apparently prone to rushing his jumps and being aggressive with other horses, neither of which proved to be so, in fact he was used to help a lady get back into the jumping scene and he was an angel to put out with anyone.  He was re homed with all the girthing provisos as a happy hack / riding club horse.

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