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Loop The Loup

16 H Bay Gelding - Ran 58 times - Wins 9 | Petit Loup - Mithi Al Gamar | Trainer K G Reveley 


Len came to us straight from training fully fit having won 3 races in that year. His concerned owner retired him to go to a less competitive home after a fractured fetlock in 03.

After a few months getting used to a new routine and way of life Len became a very easy and uncomplicated ride.

Lennie went to his new home and with in three days he was very unhappy, not having any other horses as company sent him into despair. So we contacted World Horse Welfare who have a farm not far from us and they had just the right sort of pony companion which we collected on the same day. So Rachel re-homed 2 needy neddies from 2 charities in 3 days.



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