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Little Gem



Little Gem was only 14.2, just 3 years old and in a dreadful state. Bred to race, but with fore leg deformities she was destined only for the meat market.

We had to pay £200 to the owner to save her life.

Being riddled with worms and lice were the least of her problems. She suffered from Chronic Sinusitis and partial sight in one eye, the result of abuse and serious neglect.  Fearful of men, through obvious mistreatment, she trusted only the female members of the team. Impacted teeth problems and serious infection constantly plagued this forgiving little lady.  

Never once did she complain about being used as a pin cushion, having to be sedated each time our vet visited due to him being male.  After 6 months intensive treatment and care, and a visit to a specialist, we were advised that to put her through any more was unfair. Certain problems were irreversible. We can only comfort ourselves in the knowledge that we gave her the best care, love and affection in the last months of her very short life. 



She in return rewarded us with her love and renewed confidence in the human race. Andrew Walker our vet at the time was amazing. He got attached to this little girl and was quite upset when we lost the battle. He definitely deserves a mention here, as without his help she would not have had a quality end to her life.


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