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16.3 Chestnut Geldinng - Ran 41 times - 7 wins | Nikos - Aniflore | Trainer I williams

The most beautiful eyes that you would ever see on a horse was on Kokopops. It was the first thing everyone noticed when they met him.

Coupled with a gold encrusted coat he was everyone's favorite.  By no means was Koko a novice riders horse, he was a good chaser in his time and did not take to be left behind too kindly.




Due to a very nasty injury to his hock, he would never be in the show ring or do dressage but he did enjoy himself pleasure rides and a bit of show jumping.  He was brilliant, but when it came to double fillers he had a problem, not having a furlong in between was alian to him. Koko did go to a home and was very happy for 5 years, but sadly was returned due to family comittments. 

He returned with a gum disease called Gingeivitus which has now left him with no front teeth at all.  But this horse is not only beautiful he is also resorcefull and providing he has long grass or adlib haylage in front of him at all times then he has no problem maintaining a good waistline.

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