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George Buckingham

16.1 Bay Gelding - Ran 28 times - Wins 2 | Trainer G Ham


Well now here's a character. We attempted to do a little show jumping with George. Problem was he would never get past the first round, not because he knocked them down or refused, but because he would refuse to jump the same jump twice and so the in jump off he would slam on the brakes as though to say, " Your having me on ... I've done these once, and I'm not doing them again"  George had a reputation as being a bit of a rogue in racing, if he was in a bad mood the morning of a race WATCH OUT. It was well documented that George would refuse the first hurdle on one of his bad days, but if he was feeling happy he would race and was even known to win on the odd occasion, on his terms of course. 

George had other issues that were hard to get to grips with. Kicking out at cars was one of his little past times, he never hit one, he was far too bright to do that he knew it would hurt him more than it would the car. He could also be a very unpleasant person to deal with in the stable and in the field. 

A past stable lass, who doted on George when he was in training, took him on as her pleasure hack.George died at he age of 16 from a brain tumor.

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