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Deep River Bay

6.1 Bay Gelding - ran once | Dixieland Band - For All You Do |  Trainer P W Chapple-Hyam


The day after his arrival we decided that he should spend a day in the school, let him have a kick and a buck - get it out of his system. So he was turned out at 9 O'clock. Well he's now on his third / forth name. Deep River Bay was his posh racing name, that went to Burger to Bugs to Bisley as he is known in his new home. (Correction 5 read on to find out why)

BISLEY had an injury in training and sadly for the owners only ran the once. He was 4 yrs old and we found out that he had been kept for nearly a year with only horse walker for exercise.So we had to plan his new found freedom very carefully. At 1pm Paul the farrier arrives and says........

"So that's the new guy then! just turned him out have you?Don't fancy your chances of catching him just yet."

And he was right, at 6 O'clock we tried again to stop him from belting around and dispersing the contents of the school onto the yard. Finally managed to get hold of him and gave him a little sponge down, he then refused to go in to his stable. Clearly, not wishing to relinquish is new found freedom, stabled at 7.30.

On the third day of being in the school, he started to settle and so was then turned out into a small paddock next to some well established chums, and 2 days later was allowed in with them. We gave him a few months at grass let him completely chill out and enjoy his freedom then brought him into work. Biz was a fairly good chap, although hacking alone was a bit of trial for him, but all in all he took his schooling well. He was always top lad with his field companion and suffered a kick to the teeth when obviously giving Wozza a hard time, resulting in him having a incisor sheered off and having our vet do an on site operation to remove the dangling tooth. (His name then for a while was Jo Bugner)


DRB-Burger-Bugs-Biz-Jo stayed for just over a year with us until the right home was found, and he has been back for a day to enjoy a pleasure ride in the village and was a complete star. We look forward to updates on his new career as a riding club horse.

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