Racehorse Rehoming Centre


16.1 Bay Gelding


Dave came in at the request of World Horse Welfare. 16 yrs old and in a bit of a state to say the least.He had been kept in this condition due to the fact that he was a little sharp and strong and was easier to ride if kept a "Little Light in Condition"


Dave was a very sad and poorly chap and was quite dull in his eye. But within 24 hours and making friends with Corrib Eclipse (Jeffery) he seamed to cheer up. Nutrition was of course the main area of concentration 4 small feeds a day, doctor green, a good rug and warm stable, soon saw an improvement in his condition.


After 3 months we started him in light work and did a little schooling. He could be a little strong but not with any malice so it was not long before he was re homed.

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