Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Corrib Eclipse

15.2.Bay Gelding - Ran 21 times - Wins 4 | Double Eclipse - Last Nights Fun | Trainer Ian Williams


Little Jeffrey as we called him was just the bees knees in ex-racers. This was another of our friend Dawns charges and again one of her favorites. She was delighted when we said yes to taking him in and all the volunteers loved him. He was not all that keen on jumping although he didn't make a bad job of it, it was just not really his cup of tea despite having been hurdling. It's hard to say a bad word about Jeffrey although he did have a habit of chewing anything that was left within his reach, lead ropes and his reigns if you were not watching.


He was a very good doer and hardly ever sweated up when in work which is unusual. Jeff was such a gentleman that he was ridden in a large field by a 10 year old who had never cantered a racehorse in her life let alone galloped putting a huge smile on her face. 

He was re homed local to us so we can see him when ever we choose.

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