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15.3 Chestnut Mare - Ran 6 Times | Trainer D Chappell


The reason for Cassie leaving racing was that she was getting a bit of a reputation for having no brakes and no steering and although was a nice personality she would have been put to sleep had we not found her room.

She was only a 4 year old with a few conformation problems, the worst was a severe parrot mouth. This in mind and the obvious fact that she had an upside down neck and was very sore in the back, gave a clear indication that all her problems started with the teeth and worked their way down through the body.

So our Equine Dentist and Physio worked together with fantastic results. Although she was never a problem to hack, in fact she was perfect in every way, apparently she panicked in a group when working on the gallops and would just run blind.

With her teeth so out of line it was inevitable that no bit would really be comfortable for her, so Tessa hacked her out in just a head collar and only used a happy mouth rubber snaffle for pleasure rides, and any other work where a bridle was expected to be used. The trick was not control but understanding and this young lady bonded with Tessa and they trusted each other implicitly. 

This tragedy nearly ended the charity before it really had begun, If it had not been the encouragement of others we would not be here today.

Gone but never forgotten - R I P Cassie 

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