Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Carrick Troop

17 H Grey Gelding - Ran 32 Times - 7 Wins | Trainer - M Reveley 


Trooper came in with Maceo from a member of the public who could no longer afford to keep them. It was obvious that Troops was in need of a bit of nourishment, luckily not long after his arrival we were asked to run a feed trial for Equalibra and the pictures above were the results after 2 months. He would not have been the easiest horse to keep weight on as having that large lanky frame and bubbly personality meant he was always going to be an expensive horse to feed. But with the weight sorted, and a warning that he suffered from involuntary string halt so watch your back when going behind him, he was one of the most fun and lovely horses to ride.

Being the size he was, it was apparent that he did not always know where or what to do with his legs, which made riding him very amusing. 

He did a bit of show jumping when with us and went trailing and pleasure rides all of which he excelled at.


We were very sad to see him go, but he is now in a forever home where he is definitely being well looked after and now also has Wing Collar for company.

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