Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Cappa Hill

16.1 Chestnut Gelding Ran 6 Times | Trainer - A Thorp


Cappa was purchased by an unsuspecting member of the public as a Irish Sport horse. This is a warning to all who go to buy horses and get duped into believing the seller. Firstly that they have a queue of prospective buyers waiting to try him so not to waste time on getting him vetted or you will loose him. Secondly to take their word for it that he hacks alone, and its OK we will deliver also. £2500 thank you and good bye.

Although Cappa was not intentionally a bad Guy, injuries to his back and withers were causing him considerable pain and so naturally being ridden was an issue for him. Although we had specialists check him over and he did improve it looked as though he was always going to suffer with this problem. We were fortunate to be able to get him a place in Horse World, Bristol.

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