Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Bishop Stone Pond

15.2 Bay Mare - Ran 20 Times | Persian Bold - Swift And Early


Bish had no problem making the transition from race horse to riding horse and ventured on a couple of outings to dressage while she was with us, her first attempt she came second. For some time her attitude in the stable was a little to be desired, she objected to humans invading her personnel space and you took your life in your hands should you venture in there when she was eating. 6 months down the line and she understood that we were not really interested in her food and grooming could be a pleasurable experience and so excepted human interaction happily.

She had no vices whilst with us at all, but within 24 hours of being in her new home she became a serious weaver. We rushed to her aid and pointed out that she was a girl of privacy and the stable or rather shelter was far too open and drafty. Our suggestion of moving her to a ORDANARY type stable with 4 walls worked, and within minutes she was happily eating hay.

Horses can teach you so much if only we choose to listen.

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