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Welfare Case Winner of £200,000




This horse was 3 days off of being destroyed. A prolific winner in his time as a steeple chaser, having negotiated and completed some of the toughest courses in the country, we could not deny him a place with us.

After finishing his racing career he went hunting. Hired out for a days entertainment with ill fitting tack, resulting in severe saddle and bridle scaring . Not able to fullfil his duties as a hireling on a regular basis he was going to be PTS.

His problems were multiple, clearly lacking in nutrition, rain scaled and mud fever. At 17 years old and 17 h he clearly did not enjoy the job and lost a lot of weight through worry of the days hunting.



A careful feeding regime and TLC on his troubled body saw him blossom and 3 months later he was able to start light ridden work proving to be a very kind and sensible chap. Now fully recovered and looking like the big old fashioned chaser type he is, he will remain with us for the rest of his days.





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