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Buckham Fair August 21st 2016

With SmartBerry and Martin Clunes


Our 5th year of being asked to attend Buckham Fair was yet again a wonderful day out for volunteers and our amazing horses. 

Leave it Be ( Lennie ), Definite Chance (Davey) and Loup the Loop (Len) behaved impeccably and did us proud showcasing just how versatile ex-racehorses can be.  

The weather was just perfect which in turn brought out the crowds to this very popular event held by Martin and Philippa Clunes.

Loup the loop with his carer of 7 years Rachel, was a little unlevel on arrival, so the decission to lead him round rather than ride was taken.  The onsite vet popped over to check him out but could not really determine what the possible cause could be, as Lennie No 1 as we call him, was not too keen on him looking.  It turned out the he had an abscess brewing and within a couple of days of poulticing it irrupted out of the coronet band, so all is well with him now.

Leave it Be, Lennie No 2  handled and ridden beautifully by Rachel Phipps who has been a supporter of the charity for some years, Rachel jumped at the chance when we offered her the opportunity to ride him on the day and did us proud on his very first public appearance, her smiles says it all.

Definite Chance, Davey attended last year and took the whole experience in his stride.  This year ridden by one of our trustees and volunteers of 10 years, Lynn.  Again Davey was impeccably behaved and Lynn loved every minute.

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for making the day so enjoyable and a huge thank you to Buckham Fair for continuing to invite us to showcase our charity.

Tracey and Alan Carter. Tracey does a amazing job on the PA system explaining the workings of the charity and keeping the crowd enthralled with the stories and the journey the horses are taking from racehorse to riding horse.

Sue Babey did a brilliant job talking to people and encouraging them to drop some much needed pennies in the pot, at the same time promoting the sale of the Willberry Wonder Pony wrist bands.

Rachel Dennis for bringing her precious Lennie and continuing to support the charity, with her very tolerant husband and two lovely children.

Lynn Day for her tireless support with every event and the day to day chores regardless of the weather.

Last but not least to Rachel Phipps for showing off Leave it Be so beautifully.


Thank you. 




Hannah's Willberrry Wonder Pony

Charity Mascot Smartberry

Spends a week at RRC in the run up to Buckham Fair. 

We were delighted and honored to have had Smartberry spend a week with us in the run up to Buckham Fair where he did us proud by accompaning Leave it Be in the arena with rider Rachel Phipps. 

Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony Charity was set up by cancer sufferer Hannah Francis, who's passion was eventing.   Hannah died in August 2016 at the tender age of 18.   Willberry and Smartberry are now famous mascots raising awareness and funds for children's cancer charities. 


As you can see, he was a masive help during the week. 








August 2014

Another fabulous day at Buckham Fair, our third year at this event.

Good job we got there early for young Inaugual, to get his bearings, as expected Talk Talk, Tim was his cool and calm self until that was Mr Clunes's Clydesdale's walked past with funny ribbons in their manes. 

After a couple of turns around the arena we started to stop and let the crowd get up close and personal, which went down a storm as everyone knew who they were patting and giving polo's too. 

They left the arena to a nice round of applause and took it all in their stride. Could not have been prouder of the pair of them, after all they are still quite young to take on such an event. Earlier on in the day, George was filmed for a possible Dorset Air Ambulance promo film. They tried to film Tim to start with but true to form Tim just wanted to eat the camera. So after talking to visitors back at our roped off base it was time to leave. 



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