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Gotham Warwick

Career and Breeding


Gotham Warwick is our only non ex racehorse, having plied his trade in the dressage arena. He is a Danish Warmblood (Dansk Varmblod) - the modern sport horse breed of Denmark. Initially established in the mid-20th century, the breed was developed by crossing native Danish mares with elite stallions from established European bloodlines.

Gotham Warwick belonged to a good friend Heather McPearson who when diagnosed with a terminal illness asked us to give him a home. We happily obliged.


Life after racing

Wozza (as he is known to us in the yard) now suffers with a touch of rheumatism and arthritis in his joints. He also suffers from chronic COPD, therefore he needs to live out. When he arrived at the charity his owner paid for a special field shelter with rubber matting to be built enabling him to come and go as he pleases. We call the building Cell Block H as Heather was known as H to her friends, as she was into watching some rather suspect TV programs. He is the biggest and most gentle giant to have around and is enjoying pretending to be a racehorse and loves hacking out with all the tiny thoroughbreds. They all know not to try and lord it over him as his size is quite imposing even against a 17h racer. When time permits he has gone out to do a bit of dressage but as his age is progressing so is his stiffness especially in the colder weather, although he is on a collection of joint supplements. 



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