Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Our Rehoming Scheme

Racehorse Rehoming aim to find suitable homes for our ex-racehorses on a permanent loan basis only.We do not sell our horses.

The majority of the horses in our care have suffered injury of some kind. Not all but most have at some point. For this reason our first priority is to rehome them to enjoy life as pleasure horses, I.E. hacking, schooling. Others may very well be able to compete at a more competitive level. 

Why re-home a RRC horse?

  • Well, rehoming a horse from RRC gives that horse a secure future and enables the charity to continue to help other ex-racehorses in need.
  • You will be informed of any known injuries the horse has sustained in the past, which is not necessarily available to you when purchasing a horse.
  • You will be informed of any Quirks, dislikes the horse may have, and where in the pecking order they are in a herd.
  • You have the security of knowing that should your circumstances change, the horse can be returned to the safety of RRC, eliminating the worry of selling on to an un-certain future. 
  • We take care in matching the horse’s abilities to the rider’s requirement, ensuring that they are a good match for each other.

How to apply for a RRC horse.

  • Read the terms and conditions of the loan, (found at the bottom of this page) and make sure you understand and are prepared to abide by them.
  • Complete the application form (also found at the bottom of this page). This form helps us to better understand your wishes and requirements for a horse. Please give us as much detail about yourself as possible.
  • Our general rule for re-homing is, we don’t re-home to anyone under the age of 18. Although there have been exceptional cases. In this circumstance the applicant must be accompanied by an experienced parent or guardian who will be responsible for the loan agreement until such time as you become of age when a new contract can be drawn up.
  • Thoroughbreds in general are not weight carriers, so we implement a weight limit of 12 stone, this includes tack.

What happens next?

  • We will look at your application, and see if we have a suitable horse that fits your requirements.
  • We then contact you and invite you to visit and meet your horse (s)

What happens at the visit?

  • First of all we put the kettle on and have a chat, so we get to know each other.
  • Then you meet the horse (s) and get acquainted. (Usually with a brush in one hand and a polo in the other)
  • Then you are invited to ride out. We always start off with a short hack out to allow you to get a relaxed and general feel for the horse.
  • Then you have the opportunity to ride in the school where we can then access the partnership a little closer. (It is totally up to you what you want to do in the school) remember this is not a test of your riding but an observation of the partnership.
  • Then a short hack out solo, which is where you and equine really get to know each other. (This can be done on a second visit).
  • A discussion on how the trial went over another cuppa with a biscuit, and then we send you home to think about the match.
  • We are happy to answer any questions and welcome a return for a second or third trial. Take as long as you like, this is a serious commitment.

What happens then?

  • If all parties are happy with the partnership then we request references from your vet and farrier (preferred) we will not accept references from family or a friend of a friend who believes you can care for a horse.  Organise a home visit of your premises. Don’t panic, we are only interested in the horse’s safety and wellbeing and not in the peeling paintwork or a less than spotless yard.
  • Then arrangements can be made for you to collect your chosen horse (at your expense). If you don’t have transport we can recommend a suitable transporter for you.
  • The loan agreement and fees to be completed on the day of collection. Or fees by BACS to the charities account the day before.
  • Regular contact within the first couple of days is expected to let us know how the horse is settling. (This is more for our peace of mind on his/her well-being). We welcome regular contact via social media i.e. Facebook where we have both a page and a group or Twitter.

  • Home visits will then occur every 6 months progressing to yearly.

  • The charity has incurred considerable expenses while the horse has been in its care, so a non-refundable loan fee of £600 is requested with an ongoing charity donation of £12 per month thereon.

  • We strongly advise insurance is taken out for third party and public liability also vets fees.

  • From here on in you are responsible for all costs incurred with the horses care.

  • If for any reason you should wish to return the horse, we request a minimum of one months’ notice. Cost of return transport is the responsibility of the loaner.

 We are always available to help iron out any worries or problems.


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