Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Loan Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • The horse named must not be sold, hired out or loaned at any time to persons other than the agreed, or used for any commercial purposes.

  • Qualified veterinary treatment shall be provided and advice strictly followed in every case of illness where veterinary intervention is sought. All veterinary expenses so incurred will be the responsibility of the loaner.

  • Yearly vaccinations must be kept up to date, with a regular worming program and dental checks, carried out by a qualified professional.

  • If for any reason you are unable to keep the horse at the agreed address, permission and approval must be sought before any change of its location.

  • Neither RRC nor its officials will be held responsible for any accident/injury/damage caused by the equine, or resulting from its use whilst in your care. And indemnify RRC against any action, claim or reward for damage brought or obtained by any.

  • That without let or hindrance, re-possession of the equine by RRC representative or official shall take place if at any time should they deem it to be in the best interest of the equine.

  • The horse named above must not be entered in any form of racing what so ever.

  • RRC are notified immediately if for any reason humane destruction appears to be necessary. Should emergency humane destruction take place a veterinary certificate must be produced promptly.

  • As loaner you will be required to meet the cost of transporting the equine both from and too RRC, if applicable.

  • Any items of paperwork remain the property of the horse, and in turn RRC.

  • That the police and RRC are notified immediately should the equine become lost or missing.

  • That the equine shall not under any circumstances be used for breeding purposes.

  • If the equine is at an age or disability where future care is in question, you agree to have the equine humanly euthanized with the charity’s knowledge.

  • If the horse is returned for any reason with an injury, you will be liable for the cost of the ongoing veterinary treatment. Veterinary insurance is advisable.

Fees in respect of loan agreement.

£700 (non-refundable).

Monthly charitable gift of £15 by Direct Debit

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