Racehorse Rehoming Centre

We Need Your Help

                             ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED 


Racehorse Rehoming Centre is self funded and a registered charity. We receive no funding from any welfare organisation. 

We depend on the generosity of the equine loving public and the dedication of our willing friends and volunteers to help with any fund raising activities and daily care.

We can only take horses if we have funds available to care for them. Most of the horses are in need of veterinary treatment some more than others, and we are sure as a horse lover or owner you are well aware of the escalating costs.

All of our charges stay for as long as it takes to find the right home, and in some cases they stay for ever. We aim to know everything about the horse, her likes-dislikes, his grumpy-happy times of the day. When possible, we will take them out to experience different events, Local Shows and Pleasure Rides. When we know everything there is to know, the horse is then available for adoption.

Until that time they will need shoeing, feeding, bedding, worming, rugs, physiotherapy treatment and veterinary care and more. So this is where your support is greatly needed.

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