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Buy A Post Appeal UPDATE

FEB 2021 

After many years of use all of the fencing here at Racehorse Rehoming is in desperate need of being replaced.  Without this, the security and safety of the orses in our care is at risk - we have already had horses escaping from the fields, so we need to deal with this issue NOW!    Due to the cost of this project we are appealing for


However, at a total cost of £5000 that's a large mountain to climb for a self funding charity like ours.

Here's where YOU can help to ensure the security and safety of the horses in our care. We have created a "Buy a Post" campaign to raise money to help with purchasing and installing the new fencing. The fencing we want to use is pictured, it's safer, long lasting and more durable - perfect for our yard of playful ex racers!
Would you be willing to buy a post, a few metres of railing or donate towards labour? Even if you can only donate the cost of a few nails...that would be much appreciated - every little helps.

This project devides into three areas:

Posts - Horserail - Labour.

here are some of the costs broken down:

Post = £3.00 each

Gate Post/Strainer = £19.00 each

Horserail = £5.00 per metre

Labour = £700 

We would be very gratful if you could take this opportunity to help ex-racehorses - you could even buy a post as a gift for a loved one who cares about horse welfare.

Thank you for reading and donating, it is much appreciated. Please click on the link below and donate.


Thank you for reading and for any potential donations you might make.





We are delighted to have been asked to parade at Martin Clunes Buckham Fair event again this year.

We have attended this event for the last 4 years with different horses and have enjoyed talking to people about the charity. 

Buckham Fair is attended by in excess of 15,000 visitors, come rain or shine its a fantastic day out. 

Check out their web site below for more information. 





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